Moorland Park Methodist Church is part of the Lincoln Methodist Circuit and The Methodist Church in Britain

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Easter Offering Envelopes –These were handed out on Palm Sunday.  Please return the envelope with any donation you are able to make to the World Mission Fund by TODAY.

The Circuit Dedication Service to receive all the donations made through churches in the Lincoln Methodist Circuit will be held on Sunday 29th April at 6.00pm at Washingborough Methodist Church. The Theme is ‘Seek Peace and Pursue it’ (Psalm 34:14) features stories from Mission Partners in Sri Lanka, Japan and Israel/Palestine supported by the World Mission Fund. This service provides an opportunity for us to gather and celebrate God’s mission activity in the wider world. and also encourage us to consider how we might learn from these situations and find ways to 'seek peace and pursue it’, in our individual lives, churches and communities.

Help Wanted There are lots of activities that take place in this church, which need planning and preparation and help to run. As is often said ‘Many hands make light work’ Do you feel called to help in any way? Some areas where help is needed (this is not an exclusive list) are  :

Member of the Leadership Team,

Church Stewards and Vestry Stewards,

(Any nominations for the above positions are needed by 29th April to Eleanor as appointments to these positions will be voted on at the annual church meeting on 6th May)

AV (Sound System) technicians,

Thrift Shop Volunteers,

Toddlers Group Helpers


Coffee Servers, both Sunday and during the week


Please consider prayerfully where you may be able to offer your time and talents. Have a word with any member of the leadership team.  

Roles are subject to safer recruitment.