Moorland Park Methodist Church is part of the Lincoln Methodist Circuit and The Methodist Church in Britain

The Platform

On the platform at the front of the church, as well as the communion table, there is a Grand Piano and a Pipe Organ. Sometimes, we have a band, too.

During our services, sometimes we use the organ for music, sometimes the piano, and sometimes the band plays.  Sometimes more than one of them plays at the same time!

Either side of the communion table, there are two flags.

The proper name for the flags is actually “Colours”, and these are the colours for the 4th Lincoln Girls Brigade company, and the 5th Lincoln Boys Brigade company, who meet in our church buidings.

On top of the piano, you can see some ornaments and some photographs.

Click on a photograph to enlarge it. On the platform - organ On the platform - music group On the platform - GB colours On the platform - BB colours On the platform - piano ornaments