Moorland Park Thrift Shop  Open Tuesdays 10.00am - 3pm


We Sell....

Good Quality Clothes--- Adults & Children

Bedding and Curtains                          

Bric-a Brac and  Toys                          

A Thrift Shop works by people bringing in items they want to sell.   

Anything we sell ,the money goes ½ to Church and ½ to the person who brought it.

Because Items have to be booked in we can only accept 6 items at a time.

Please only bring items that are in excellent condition, as dirty or damaged goods do not sell.


A Price is agreed when you book in. It stays at this price for 4 weeks,after this it is reduced to ½ price for at least another 2 weeks.

Items not sold can be collected by the original owner by a given date. If they are not collected they will be disposed of. Usually they go to the next Jumble Sale or Bazzar.

Some people like to give their items to the Church ( all the money raised going to the Church.) As we do not have to book these in, we can take more items at a time.

We also sell Tea & Coffee. So you can sit and natter to other customers or meet your friends here.

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Moorland Park Methodist Church is part of the Lincoln South Methodist Circuit and The Methodist Church in Britain